Liz Nepomuceno

Be here now. The three words that changed my life, and brought me deeper into the mindful path of yoga. Living in the present moment. Being fully consumed in it. I've always had an urge within me to help others, going with this feeling, I have been able to do so with love and compassion in my heart. Working in psychological research brought to my attention the importance of human interaction, kindness, and empathy. A smile and an honest conversation can change an individuals world. Seeing the true light within my research participants made me realize I need to go beyond this field, look inside, and then go out to truly serve others. My yoga practice began about six years ago, for the past year and a half, it has become consistent and heart opening. Being certified in a 200 HR YTT with Urban Bliss and registered with Yoga Alliance, has allowed me to expand my practice. Learning how to breathe through difficult moments, showed me the true meaning of yoga. Being able to overcome obstacles with the breath, helped me become stronger. Physically and emotionally. Relating asanas to situations of life, with the breath, gave me the courage to see that nothing is impossible. We are all worthy of anything we set our minds and souls too. I'm a firm believer of peaceful relaxation and connectedness within a yoga practice, which can then transcend into your day to day activities. We need to believe in the little  voice inside of us, and follow our hearts. That is why we come to practice, to unite as one energy. By helping yourself, you help others. What a beautiful thing, right? Love is the answer. Loving, living, and learning. Namaste ॐ

Surpreet knew she would teach Kundalini yoga when she saw an ad for teacher training in a yoga journal, even before she had begun her practice of the art.  "My body resonated with recognition."
Yoga has always been part of her life as she practiced Acro Yoga with her father who learned from circus people in Sarasota and from yogis in India.  She began practicing Hatha yoga in high school and kept up her practice for many years.  Surpreet found her first Kundalini yoga teacher in 2002 and began exploring the abundant wonders contained in the practice.  She completed teacher training in 2011.  "I love intoning mantra, and practice chanting daily.  I'm passionate about Kundalini and am so honored to present the teachings, intact, as taught by Yogi Bahjan."


Martha Victoria

Sarah Franco

Luli Triche she completed her teacher training as a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher certified in Vinyasa Yoga from Buddhaful OM Yoga March 10th 2019

Owner and Founder of Buddhaful OM Yoga, Liz Nepomuceno is an E-RYT 500-hour level yoga instructor - Certified in Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, 100hr Bryan Kest Power Yoga TT, Certified Bare Instructor and Certified Aerial Instructor, Kids yoga, Crystal Bowl Meditation, and other variety of healing modalities. She first discovered yoga in 2011 while in search of a healthy and spiritual lifestyle. Ever since, she has practiced several styles of yoga including Bikram, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Power Yoga. Through her practice, her love and connection to yoga grew and developed.  Due her to her personal transformation, she has dedicated her life to teaching others and changing lives.  She truly believes that you can be transformed and gain inner strength and peace. She will challenge you into surprising yourself. She will remind you that "you are more than you think you are" and will continue reminding you until you see it. Namaste

Luli Triche

Surpreet Kaur

Taimy Hernandez

Taimy Hernandez she completed her teacher training as a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher certified in Vinyasa Yoga from Buddhaful OM Yoga March 10th 2019

I have been teaching the principles and the proper Asanas of Baron Baptiste Power Yoga to all age groups: School-age children; Mommy & Me, Preschoolers and to adults of all abilities. I have taught in karate studios, classrooms, 4H clubs, after school programs, offices, outdoors, particularly in nature which also include private settings. Correctly performing all asana in the correct alignment while clearly explaining the poses and assess the physical condition of all students. I select poses that are appropriate to student’s level. I promote and live a healthy lifestyle which encourages my students by example. Easily create and design sequences for all students with all level and make correct adjustments for each yogi during each practice. I treat each and everyone with loving respect and receive the same. At least once per month I volunteer my yoga service to my community; schools and for the 4H of Miami Dade. Living, Loving, Embracing & Uniting every path I chose as a Yogi. Additionally to teaching Yoga, currently I teach photography to children, as well art and gardening wellness to individuals of all ages. I am seeking a position in a studio that will allow me to become an integral member of your staff and allow me to continue my personal growth and development as a Registered Yoga Teacher while assisting the studio in its outreach to the community that it serves

Ruben Rodriguez

Yoga came to me at a time of transition. My life was unstable to say the least. My emotions, my thoughts, my career path, my relationships with others & myself were suffering, while my passion was dwindling. I was seeking for healing. I was ready to embrace change. Yoga became my journey of self discovery. My commitment grew stronger and my practice opened a space within that love flooded to fill. This love grew and has forever changed my life, it felt like finally coming home to myself. With this inner shift all other things fell into place naturally. Support followed and opportunities appeared. I offer this practice because I believe in the power of healing through the total practice of yoga and all the aspects of this path. This practice has inspired me to travel and expand my knowledge, explore myself, and this beautiful life. I have studied yoga in India, Spain, and Key Largo. I am over 500 hours certified by Yoga Alliance in Hatha , Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin, Aerial, and Sivananda yoga. I also offer different types of meditative workshops and classes. My intention is to create a loving and exploratory space for all. Love and peace to all. Om shanti shanti shanti!

Martha walked into a yoga studio for the first time on July 2014 and ever since has faithfully practiced yoga six days a week, sometimes even twice a day! She likes to describe that encounter as “love at first sight”. As a student of mysticism and spiritual teachings for decades, Martha found yoga to be a comprehensive philosophy and practical way to help her live in the present moment and revel in the presence of the divine within. She understands yoga as the string that connects all the dots in her life: mental and physical health, her career, and her relationships with all sentient beings, Mother Earth and the Divine. Experiencing an opening in her own body and mind, ten months later Martha received her Yin Yoga certification and with the unending support from her husband Luis, friends and family by July 2016 she became a 200 Hour- Registered Yoga Teacher as approved by the Yoga Alliance. She considers every teaching moment as a way of “paying it forward,” and hopes to inspire others to walk the path of yoga the same way her teacher did in her days as an aspiring yogi. Nowadays, Martha is getting her feet wet in Ashtanga yoga, and loves to teach Vinyasa and Yin yoga.

Ruben is a professional yoga instructor in Miami, Florida. He has a passion for helping others and has found a way to combine his love of yoga with elevating other like-minded individuals into a more conscious and positive way of life. To Ruben, the philosophy of yoga is not about chanting Om in a room full of strangers, but about truly understanding the concept of Om. It’s about going beyond the sound, and seeking the true enlightenment that the vibration brings.

Michelle Agudo

Carolina began practicing yoga in 2005. She discovered a Power Yoga class by chance and was immediately drawn to the dynamic energy and fluid movement of the practice. In 2013 she completed her teacher training as a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher certified in Power Vinyasa Yoga from a Baptiste Affiliate Studio. Her yoga practice inspires her to live with ease, kindness and balance and is a constant reminder and exercise in movement, breath and thought, all working simultaneously in a way that brings clarity and endless possibilities. She enjoys teaching yoga to share what she has learned with others as they explore their own potential on and off their mat encouraging her students to come in with an open mind and open heart.

Carolina Salazar

Debbie Lee